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Identity HOUDY enterprise management philosophy, brand management consciousness.
With a certain financial strength, a good capital credit
Have good professional ethics and concentrate on the people who focus on business
With keen market insight and team management ability
Superior store position, operating area is not less than 50 square meters
The operators have rich experience in business and have good social resources in the area, and have stable financial, logistics and sales personnel.

Through the telephone or the official website to understand Debao Mae
Product and its service model, and channel manager
Mode of communication agent cooperation
United States Agency
trial Debao Headquarters sales review
Debao Gomez headquarters approval
Agency company provides relevant product documentation
Sales training document
Unify the plan and prepare for the opening
Arrange related
through network or agent Staff to the headquarters of Zhongshan Debao Mae
Learning related knowledge in a way

Exclusive agent in the market range of
Provide professional storefront design
Inspecting and supervising franchised stores to ensure the sustainable development of franchised stores in
Provide a strong portfolio of competitive products and resource protection
Free supply of professional knowledge of product, management of sales skills, and other regular training
Provide all aspects of advertising support and advertising image standards

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