After-sale service

Online repair

1, resolutely implement the "people's Republic of China product quality law", "People's Republic of China consumer protection law" and "some of the goods repair replacement and return liability provisions" (the new " three " provisions), to provide a full range of speed of service for users.
2、Setting up a 24 hour service consultation and a complaint hotline(+86 760)88773099。
3、After receiving the call, the users will contact the user to make an appointment service within 24 hours (exclusive user requests and remote exceptions) within 48 hours.;
 (1)One of the following cases does not belong to the scope of free maintenance:
        a.Damage caused by improper use of the user。
        b.Non service network installation and disassembly Debao Gomez, repair the damage。
        c.No warranty card or valid voucher is provided, or the warranty card and effective voucher have been changed.。
        d.The type of product on the warranty card or the effective voucher of the purchase machine, the product factory number and the number of the repaired products and the factory number are inconsistent.。
        e.Damage caused by force majeure。
        f.Beyond the relevant provisions of the state and beyond the provisions of the United States double product warranty。
 (2)The quality of the product in the warranty period is free of charge, and no charge is charged.。
 (3)After the warranty period, scrap products lifelong maintenance, collect relevant fees according to the provisions of the state。
        a.The warranty period, but the key parts in the warranty period, should be replaced free of charge and recycling, do not charge door-to-door service charges。
        b.The machine and accessories are in the warranty period, collect door-to-door service charges and fees accessories。
        c.The product has been repaired for many times in 30 days, and only one service charge is charged.。

       d.After repairing the replacement parts, it is necessary to replace the new parts with the user and return the old parts to the user.。

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