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How to distinguish the smoke extraction machine
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The smoke exhauster is characterized by its beautiful appearance, good smoke exhaust effect, matching with different styles of kitchen furniture decoration, moderate price and so on, and becomes the kitchen and bathroom appliances that families must buy. However, when consumers choose to buy oil - sucking machines, if they do not master the basic methods and points, it is easy to step into the misunderstandings. Here, the five aspects of the analysis, hope to help you buy a suitable and appropriate products have a certain role.

1. Motor quality

The most important part of the range hood is the motor that drives the wind wheel. The quality of the home-made motor is completely able to meet the design requirements of the hood. When buying, do not blindly believe the imported motor, which will increase the purchase cost. Bearing is an important part of the motor. When choosing and buying the motor with double ball bearings, it has a long life and low noise. In addition, we should choose the full metal spray wind wheel, which is durable and stable, and is beneficial to the separation of oil and smoke. When selecting and buying, the motor start switch should be repeatedly pressed to compare the operation sound after the motor is started and closed. The smaller the noise, the better.

Two. Motor power

Suction is an important function index of the oil sucking machine. The size of the suction has a direct effect on the smoking effect of the oil smoker. The size of the motor depends on the size of the motor. The greater the power of the motor, the greater the suction. Is that the choice of the oil - absorbing machine with the largest motor power on the market? In fact, it should be determined according to the population of your family. If the family members of the small, light taste, cooking is not love explosive boiling stir, will produce large amounts of smoke, motor power that it does not matter.

If you are not familiar with the technical specifications of the motor power, you can judge by the personal intuition when you choose and buy. Sometimes, the mall shopping guide will make some presentations to you, such as the following, a piece of paper if hood open the motor, the paper will quickly be tightly adsorbed on the suction outlet, in fact, almost all of the range hood can achieve this effect, it is not easy for you to force out respectively. The easiest way is to hand the test, first open the hood, put his hand near the suction outlet, feel the wind; hands on the outlet and feel the wind in size; hand on the cabinet seams, screws, check whether there is leakage phenomenon, negative pressure wind and no air leakage hood, large wind generated high and uniform, the smoke exhaust effect is relatively good. Note that the basin and paper sucking hood exhaust effect is not necessarily the best, the smoke extraction is the best balanced exhaust type.

Three, the number of wind wheels

At present, most of the oil absorption machines on the market are equipped with a wind wheel, but there are also a few of the two wind turbines installed. Is the two wind wheel better than a wind wheel? In fact, whether it is two wind wheel or a wind wheel, the exhaust fumes are the same flue. If the left and right wind wheels are running at the same time, it is very difficult to keep the wind force exactly the same, so that the imbalance air flow from the two wind wheels will collide and increase the burden and loss of the motor. Especially after a period of time, the smoke exhaust effect will be greatly reduced. So it is recommended to choose and buy carefully.

Four, functional configuration and cleaning

Hood all day to be smoky, easy to be dirt pollution, not only affect the health and beauty, but also has different influence on normal operation and service life of the hood. Therefore, it is very important for the oil sucking machine to be convenient to clean or to clean itself. Currently on the market range hood attached some self cleaning function, such as: the wind wheel surface of the oil coating; box adopts seamless design, double circuit design, increase the tilt type oil spill oil groove and the inner wall of the box body accumulated along the chute flow into the cup, to prevent drop of oil; adopting the easy disassembly structure, convenient clean; some hood adds a set of automatic cleaning device, the user first clean liquid into the machine within the liquid inside the pot, just press the switch, it can automatically wash oil wind wheel, the inner wall of the box body accumulated along the chute, flow into the cup, in order to ensure the normal operation and service life of the machine. The above self cleaning function is more reasonable and effective, and it should be understood by users in the oil selection machine.

Five, other problems that can not be ignored

Mechanical switch, it's very durable. Try not to choose electronic touch technology. Although it is beautiful in appearance, it is easily polluted, short life and easy to damage.

The length of the exhaust pipe should not be longer than two meters. It is best to use the whole stretch wind sound to prevent the leaking smoke.

The fully enclosed snail inner gallbladder, formed by high quality cold rolling plate and treated by spray plastic, is not leaking, no oil leaking, and strong and durable without rust.

At present, the decorative panels on the market of oil fume exhauster are colorful, including all metals, glass, crystal, ceramics, etc., according to the specific decoration pattern of their kitchen, and the personal aesthetic and preferences, the styles to be purchased must be determined.

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