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How do you clean the oil fume machine?
Adddate:2018-8-2    Hits:876    Source: Debao Gomez

Range hood is a good helper for modern family kitchen, but how to clean hood is always a big headache for housewives. Here are three simple ways to clean.

1. steam washing method for high pressure cooker. The pressure cooker to boil water, steam is continuously discharged from the minimum pressure valve, open the hood, the steam water on the rotating fan, due to the high water vapor continuously into the fan blades and other parts, oil sewage will Methodist flows into the waste oil cup, until there is no oil until the oil cup.

2. detergent, vinegar soaking method. The lampblack surface impeller removed, soaked in detergent with 3---5 drops and 50 ml of vinegar mixed with a basin of warm water, soak for 10--20 minutes, and then clean cloth scrub. The shell and other components are also cleaned with this solution. This method has no damage to the human skin, has no corrosion to the device, and the surface remains the original gloss after cleaning.

3. soapy liquid surface smear method. The soap is made into paste, and then smeared on the surface of the impeller and other devices. After exhauster exhauster has been used for a period of time, the impeller and other devices are removed, and the grease is dropped with the wiping cloth.

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