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Several data indexes required to choose and purchase the oil fume machine
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The smoke exhauster plays an important role in the kitchen health guard, and is also an integral part of the kitchen decoration. The smoke exhauster is characterized by its beautiful appearance, good smoke exhaust effect, matching with different styles of kitchen furniture decoration, moderate price and so on, and becomes the kitchen and bathroom appliances that families must buy. 
However, when consumers choose to buy oil - sucking machines, if they do not master some basic methods and points, it is easy to step into the misunderstandings. Here, the five data indicators of the oil fume machine analysis, hope to help you buy a suitable and appropriate products have a certain role. 

The amount of air exhausting per unit time of an oil sucker when the static pressure is zero. The air volume is a very important index. The larger the air volume is, the stronger the capacity of the oil sucker to smoke the oil. So when selecting the oil - sucking machine, when other indicators are good, as far as possible to select the large volume of the oil absorption machine. The state stipulates that the air volume index of the oil absorbing machine must be greater than or equal to 7 cubic meters per minute. The volume of your room can be multiplied by 8, 10, and 12 times, so as to get the value of the wind. 

To reduce the smell of 
Under the prescribed test conditions, the maximum odor concentration of laboratory and the maximum odor concentration of smoking hood were compared with the maximum odor concentration of laboratory. The standard value is better, which means smoke better. A series of complex changes in cooking oil and food at high temperature occur in the kitchen, resulting in a large number of thermal decomposition products. Some of them are emitted into the air in smoke form to form kitchen fumes. 
Lampblack gas composition is complex: mainly aldehydes, ketones, fatty acids, alcohols, aromatic compounds, lipids, internal fat, heterocyclic compounds and so on, a total of more than 220, most of which are toxic. Therefore, in the purchase of oil sucker, in addition to the size of the suction force, the odor reduction is also a very important reference index.

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